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Online Media Landscape 3.0

When I prepared the material for the conference PR Serbia in October, I watched the Tippingpointlabs' video - The Influence Pyramid, and I came up with two concepts - New Online Media Landscape (3.0) and The Trust Building Framework. In this post, Online Media Landscape 3.0 is explained (presentation). Online Media Landscape 2009/2010 - The...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 20/12/2009

Are Online Influencers Use Offline Relationship to Spread Their Influence?

There are a significant number of different reactions related to recent study “When did we start trusting strangers...” by Universal McCann. When the study is observed through the organizational communication level, there are the strong evidences related to the proliferation of less controllable online communication environment,...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 19/09/2008

Blogs and the Influence Metrics

Author: Dragan Varagić, 09/05/2008

BusinessWeek: Reputation Management Services Industry = SEO & SMO?

John Tozzi from Business Week, practically declared Online Reputation Management Services as the industry itself, recently through the article "Do Reputation Management Services Work?" and the interview with John Battelle. As the value-added content for the mentioned article, there are the 12 slides covering the management of a company's online...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 04/05/2008

Brutal Force of the Influential Bloggers! Do You have a good Comments Experience With Them?

Yesterday, I thought that it would be interesting to find out how the most influential bloggers related to e-marketing and online PR subject, perceive "conversations" on their own blogs. In other words, is it easy to post the comment on their blogs, and what are the benefits of posting comments on the most influential blogs. Today, I read the...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 21/04/2008
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