Multilingual Twitter or not?

For months I had the problem with the interaction on my Twitter account, because I have to see how to handle English and Serbian conversation on some propper way.

The problem is in the fact that when I want to more interact in Serbian language, a lot of non-Serbian speaking followers will not understand the statusses, and it could be very boring to them. I experience myself the same issue with some persons with a multilingual Twitter accounts I follow, and often I miss something important from those people. The reason is - I did not have enough attention regarding a lot of tweets in other language(s).

Finally, yesterday I got the tweet from Oliver Gassner (very influential German blogger) with this remark:

Oliver Gassner Twitter status 

I created the account http://twitter.com/draganvaragic to have it only for tweets and the interaction in English. I hope that this will work, although there is the advice not to do multilingual tweets with separate Twitter accounts.

What are your experiences doing multi-lingual Twitter?


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  1. Oliver says:

    I’ll skip the part about ‘very influtenial’ and just state: many ppl know me and some hate me 😉

    I’ve seen ppl do the ‘2 account thing’.

    In the beginning I tweeted in english as there were few Germnans on Twitter (Dec 2006 😉 ). Then I drifted more and more towards Twittering in German, specially in replies.

    I also asked my (rather many) US-Followers, if they minded my tweeingt in german.
    They seemed to rather enjoy the challenge of decoding that (Can’t say that about Serbian, though 😉 )

    Some ideas:
    – If you reply in serbian to a Serbian I do not follow, I will never see it. (Twitter changed this some time ago., you will only see @replies to ppl that you already also follow)
    – If you twitter your non-replies in English, many Serbians will still understand (and might reply in Sermian and You pick your language for the reply…)
    – I had very few Germans complain that I tweeted in English (some found it haughty, but They probably did now know that the majority of my followers only speaks English and does NOT unfollow because I tweet German sometimes)
    – When you tweet about Computers in German it is 80% English anyways 😉

    Whatever, I am following your new English account now 😉

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  2. admin says:

    The problem is in the fact that I started my Twitter account to be mainly in English, but when many people from Serbia started to follow me, they wanted interaction, and they said several time – I do not have enough @replies in Serbian. When I started to have more conversation in Serbian, I noticed that some of non-Serbian followers unfollowed me. I had a plan to try second twitter account for some time, and you made me did it faster 🙂

    We will see the results…

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  3. pulacroatia says:

    I think that Twitter is not necessary in any language except of English

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