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SearchStatus Firefox Plugin Now Includes Compete Site Rankings

One of the most useful Firefox plug-ins I use at Firefox browser is SearchStatus. It is the great tool for SEO/SEM (I also like very much SEO Quake in Google Results), but I use it most for the evaluation of the Web sites I found interesting, but I do not know much about them yet. In new version, this tool includes the visual manifestation of ...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 16/05/2007

SEO Score Buzz – Do You Really Have SEO Enabled Web Site?

You maybe seen SEO tool SEO Score, which analyze the technical aspects of on-site SEO. You can analyze plenty of sites through the URL http://whois.domaintools.com/yoursite.com. It is interesting to see if you hired real expert in on-site SEO, or you still have the problems. For example, this Web site (WordPress, and I did nothing on...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 04/05/2007

Blog popularity by TLA Blog Juice mashup service

There are several site popularity tools, very widely used for the web site reputation calculation - Google PR, Alexa, Netcraft, etc. Text Link Ads service is known for very good affiliate program, as well as for 100 $US credit on their Google PR link building service. It has very interesting free blog popularity tool - TLA Blog Juice Rank (...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 21/03/2007

Useful Web service – Page2RSS

Recently I found very useful service Page2RSS, which enables RSS subscriptions to the pages without RSS feature.

The service is very simple - there is only need to paste the Web page URL, and on the next service’s page there is the RSS url which is traceable with RSS readers.

The result on the reader shows is there any changes.

Author: Dragan Varagić, 05/01/2007

External Link Icon – Small Part of Web Credibility

From the moment when Wikipedia introduced its external link icon (), it is matter of time (my estimation is next 12 months) when that effect will become de facto standard. It will happen when NYTimes.com introduce external link icon on its Web pages. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 state: "Clearly identify the target of each...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 28/09/2006