Social Media Strategy Templates Recommendations

When I develop online communication strategy for the client (as well as any other strategy development), I like to consult the available frameworks, worksheets, guidelines, or any other strategy document templates.

I found that there are three large groups of a social media strategy documents (it is hard to find the documents related to online communication stuff beyond social media ), which are related to its use for the particular development of a social media strategy:

1. Useless articles and other documents (mainly promotional ones with a “hidden knowledge”). Many people miss the difference between a strategy development and a tactics deployment.

2. Motivational articles/documents, such as for example “Social Media Strategy from A to Z“, by Tamar Weinberg

3. The documents/articles which can be directly consulted/used for the development of a particular strategy.

As I did the social media frameworks analysis two years ago, I went through several dozens of online documents/articles, to try to find a different views of the particular development of a social media strategy.

Here are my recommendations of the usable documents for the creation of social media strategy:

Three Additional Social Media Frameworks

I like the frameworks approach for the development of social media strategy, if those frameworks really present the systemic “path” through the “web of possibilities” how to do a particular strategy.

Social Media Strategy Framework by HeadStream


Social Media Strategy Framework by Mark Smiciklas


Social Media Strategy Framework by Ross Dawson


Social Media Strategy Methods & Explanations

I like the applicable methods and detailed explanations related to the strategy development. I recommend one method and three detailed documents related to the development of the social media strategy.

The POST Method: A systematic approach to social strategy post_method_2

The POST method developed by Forrester (People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology) is the base of their very popular book Groundswell.

This method can be very applicable if Forrester’s Consumer Profile Tool is used for the development of the social media strategy (related to the consumers profile definition).

The consumer profile tool uses the categories of the consumer, as provided by Forrester’s Social Technographics Ladder : Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators, Inactives.


Social Media Strategy Map & Worksheet by Beth Kanter

This is a very informative social media strategy article with the great additional resources related to every stage of the proposed strategy:

  1. Identify Objectives
  2. Identify the Audience
  3. Integrate
  4. Culture Change
  5. Capasity
  6. Tactics & Tools
  7. Measurement
  8. Experiment

Additionally, you can use “New Media Strategy Map Worksheet” as the template for the implementation of this strategy approach. A big recommendation from me!

How To Develop a Social Media Strategy: A Roadmap for Integration By Shannon Paul

The explanation of 28 steps for the development of a social media strategy, separated in seven different areas:

  1. The Foundation
  2. Defining the Scope of Conversation
  3. Forrester’s POST method
  4. Measurement and Reporting
  5. Creation and Deployment
  6. Education and Process Definition
  7. Flexibility and Iteration

How To Develop a Business-Aligned Social Media & Social Networking Strategy by Dennis D. McDonald

This is really business-aligned focused social media strategy explanation, separated in three step process, as well as in six practical considerations. Three interrelated steps of the strategy development process:

  1. Describe Organizational Goals
  2. Describe Organizational Functions
  3. Describe Social Media Initiatives

Practical considerations:

  1. The role of strategy
  2. Accounting for organizational complexity
  3. Internal politics
  4. The role of technology
  5. Using the strategy development process to “bootstrap” social media adoption
  6. Sequencing the initiatives

Social Media Strategy Templates

I have been chosen three social media strategy templates in the form of the structured questions, and two templates in the form of table. Those templates are ready to be used immediately, if they suites the needs of an organization.

Social Media & PR Strategy Guidelines

This is the only paid document reffered (from Econsultancy) in this article, but in my opinion it is one of the best documents I have seen about the subject of social media (and online PR) strategy. The document is structured in the form of questions, and it has all the elements (including the adequate worksheets) to work on strategy through this particular template.

The structure of the document:

  1. Understanding your objectives
  2. Campaign strategy
  3. Listening and monitoring
  4. Responding and engaging
  5. Campaign delivery and workflow

New Media Strategy Map Worksheet

This pdf document provided by WeAreMedia.org is based on the mentioned strategy framework described by Beth Kanter.

Social Media Proposal (RFP) Template

Although this template is meant to be the guideline for outsourcing the social media activities, it is very informative for the development of social media strategy, in a form of the questions asked in this template.

The structure of social media strategy in this template:

  1. Strategy
  2. Reputation management / social media monitoring
  3. Metrics and measurement
  4. Education
  5. Social Media Channels
  6. Community and influencer outreach (Social PR)
  7. Client services and project management

Social Media Action Plan Template

This worksheet provided by HornGroup has following areas:

  1. Tie social media to your business goals
  2. Design a listening program
  3. Pick the tools to fit your goals
  4. Measure in conjunction with marketing goals

Social Media Benchmarking Template

This worksheet provided by OtherMedia has several main areas:

  1. The list of owned media exist for the business or brand
  2. Reactions to and goals for social media
  3. Major competitors
  4. Key-phrases list
  5. Websites maintenance
  6. Social media tools benchmarking
  7. Additional actions to consider (related to social media strategy)

Examples and additional resources

You can learn more about social media strategy development from Social Media Strategy Worksheet Example – Illinois Arts Alliance and Admiral Mullen’s Social Media Strategy.

In addition, it is very informative to read very detailed Corporate Twitter strategy by Neil Williams.

If you have a need for the development of social media policy, here is the database of more than 100 examples of social media policies.

Links in this article on one place

Here is the list of links related to recommended social media strategy frameworks, templates and other documents:

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