Brutal Force of the Influential Bloggers! Do You have a good Comments Experience With Them?

Yesterday, I thought that it would be interesting to find out how the most influential bloggers related to e-marketing and online PR subject, perceive “conversations” on their own blogs. In other words, is it easy to post the comment on their blogs, and what are the benefits of posting comments on the most influential blogs.

Today, I read the article “Who Are The Top Tech Bloggers?” from TechCrunch, and now I want to cover subjects – Who are the most influential bloggers, and how they interact with their users/site visitors. I am using as example only a several of the most influential bloggers, and you can extend this “observation” by your own opinions (please do).

Who is missing?

First, I have to notate that mentioned TechCrunch’s list, within the more influential (and better) list AdAge Power 150, do not have the all needed sources to discuss the most influential blog sources, or bloggers.

For example, in my opinion one of the world’s leading e-marketing expert is Dave Chaffey, and I did not see his blog around some lists of the most influential bloggers. He is maybe the only person I read about (including his books) who combine the REAL e-marketing science knowledge, with the REAL e-marketing practice.

It is the pretty similar situation with the E-consultancy news-blog. E-consultancy services, within the services provided by MarketingSherpa.com (Sherpa Blog), are the most serious online services related to e-marketing and e-commerce industries (in general) for the professionals in these fields.

Are the influencers listen their own users?

Let’s discuss the basic comments issues on some of the most influential blogs.


Related to the e-marketing subject (mostly), on the first page of my main Netvibes account I have only these sources: ReadWriteWeb.com, E-consultancy.com news-blog, TechCrunch.com, Dave Chaffey’s blog, Micro Persuasion, Sherpa’s Blog and Sphinn.com.

From time to time, I go on CopyBlogger.com, SearchEngineLand.com and ProBlogger.net.

  • The best “conversation experience” (easy to read comments, easy to post, trackbacks, links from comments) I have with TechCrunch.com, with their excellent trackbacks and the ease of posting (and appearing) the comments. In my opinion this is the best blog’s comments practice.
  • I am also satisfied with ReadWriteWeb.com comments experience.
  • E-consultancy news-blog is also ok with the comments, although they are not so readable as the comments on TechCrunch.com and ReadWriteWeb.com.
  • Dave Chaffey’s blog is very incorporated in his Website, and it needs a new “face-lift” related to the blog best practice development.
  • I do not like the linking policy on Micro Persuasion.com.
  • Sherpa Blog’s comments are moderated, and I like more the practice of TechCrunch.com.
  • CopyBlogger.com and Problogger.net are ok, and I do not like at all SearchEngineLand’s comments policy (registration, comments in iFrames).

Online PR

Related to this subject, I will mention only www.briansolis.com and falkow.blogsite.com. They are both not very friendly with their engaged users…

What are your opinions about your favorite bloggers?

Btw. If you like this article, you can vote for it on Sphinn.com.

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2 odgovora na Brutal Force of the Influential Bloggers! Do You have a good Comments Experience With Them?

  1. Dave Chaffey says:

    Thanks for your kind comments Dragan – I’m glad you find my best practice – keeping it real applied – posts helpful. I get loads of newsletter signups each month so that’s successful – my site isn’t just a blog – and that’s deliberate – it’s not so much about conversations but a summary of my expertise and commentary on developments – very Web 1.0!

    You’re right about my blog being too integrated with main site – it’s been around since 2003 before blogs or Wikis were so widely used. Actually i like to think of my site as unique more of a one-man Wikipedia where there are feeds to alert about revised postings.

    This is a strength in that content is categorised in different sections where individual pages are continuosly updated – see http://www.useit.com/alertbox/articles-not-blogs.html but a weakness since it doesn’t conform to movable type blogging standards.


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  2. admin says:

    Thanks Dave for your comment on my blog, I am honored!

    I agree with you that the incorporation of the blog on the website structure is a good strategy, but I thing that you should consider the redesign of your Web site, related to the actual online community issues which took place in last 3-4 years 🙂

    Btw. I was on the trip, and I was thrilled when I saw your comment.

    Thanks again,


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