BusinessWeek: Reputation Management Services Industry = SEO & SMO?

John Tozzi from Business Week, practically declared Online Reputation Management Services as the industry itself, recently through the article “Do Reputation Management Services Work?” and the interview with John Battelle.

As the value-added content for the mentioned article, there are the 12 slides covering the management of a company’s online reputation, where is very clear that the online reputation management strategy is actually social media optimization strategy.

ORM and SMO are very advanced online PR activities, with a lot of proactive work, but the reality is that a majority of companies use reactive response to the negative online coverage, as Andy Beal wrote in his article, as the reaction of the online reputation management service industry declaration.

The activities regarding the suppress of a negative online coverage on the search engines – Search Engine Reputation Management, are practically a reversed SEO. SEO practitioners extend theirs services, and a companies are only cover the problem, away from solving it.

It means that we are so far away from a mass use of the proactive strategies regarding the online reputation management.

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