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Social Media Strategy Templates Recommendations

When I develop online communication strategy for the client (as well as any other strategy development), I like to consult the available frameworks, worksheets, guidelines, or any other strategy document templates. I found that there are three large groups of a social media strategy documents (it is hard to find the documents related to online...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 19/06/2010

Online Media Landscape 3.0

When I prepared the material for the conference PR Serbia in October, I watched the Tippingpointlabs' video - The Influence Pyramid, and I came up with two concepts - New Online Media Landscape (3.0) and The Trust Building Framework. In this post, Online Media Landscape 3.0 is explained (presentation). Online Media Landscape 2009/2010 - The...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 20/12/2009

Multilingual Twitter or not?

For months I had the problem with the interaction on my Twitter account, because I have to see how to handle English and Serbian conversation on some propper way.

The problem is in the fact that when I want to more interact in Serbian language, a lot of non-Serbian speaking followers will not understand the statusses,...

Author: Dragan Varagić, 31/10/2009

What is Social Media Capital?

Social Capital, Social Capital Markets (follow SoCap09 on Twitter), Social Enterpreneurship, Social Venture Capital (...) are very buzzworthy terms at these days, and they are all in the the close relation with Social Media... It is indicative that many social media experts use the term "Social Capital" to clarify and define the benefits of an...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 29/07/2009