Are Online Influencers Use Offline Relationship to Spread Their Influence?

There are a significant number of different reactions related to recent study “When did we start trusting strangers…” by Universal McCann.

When the study is observed through the organizational communication level, there are the strong evidences related to the proliferation of less controllable online communication environment, through the significant rise of new “super influencers”.

“In Brazil a stunning 24% of active internet users fall into the super influencer category. They are followed by India, Mexico and Pakistan – demonstrating how internet users have found their voice thanks to their massive use of social media in these markets.”

In addition, I would like to emphasize the issue raised on the ReadWriteWeb discussion related to mentioned survey – What is an offline relationships impact of an online influencers? In my opinion, there is a lot more chance that offline influence of some person can be spread easily in online world (when the reputation management transfer is done correctly), related to pure online engagement of some person.

My experience tells me that the best influence results I have in the face-to-face communication, in both cases – when I know person from offline and online World. The best examples for spreading an online influence in offline world are niche conferences… It is the easiest way how to meet influencers and brought their attention to you.

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Are Online Influencers Use Offline Relationship to Spread Their Influence?, 4.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Nekako mi naslov zvuči “falÅ¡”.

    Zar ne bi trebalo:
    Are online influencers USING….
    DO online influencers use

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  2. I could not agree more with your observation regarding the best let say, combination between online and offline influence with completing predicted online goals. It is very rear to have excellent and 100% success without offline credibility.
    It is all about reputation of influencers, and it starts in (from) offline world. With big project, that offline reputation, and, as you say, relations is needed and could be inappreciable.

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