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Opinions and comments about Internet marketing issues.

What is Social Media Capital?

Social Capital, Social Capital Markets (follow SoCap09 on Twitter), Social Enterpreneurship, Social Venture Capital (...) are very buzzworthy terms at these days, and they are all in the the close relation with Social Media... It is indicative that many social media experts use the term "Social Capital" to clarify and define the benefits of an...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 29/07/2009

What is Content Marketing Management?

There are a lot of things going around on the very important concept of Content Marketing, including the establishment of the popular blogs covering this subject.
"Content marketing represents the different marketing formats  that involve the creation or sharing of content for the purpose of engaging current and potential consumer bases[...]"
Author: Dragan Varagić, 14/03/2009

Twitter Rank Spam Example

I recently found the interesting example of the hoax Twitter rank creation. It is related to a numerous following Twitter action, which produces a significant number of "automatic followers".
This means that after a time, with some number of tweet post, this account could be seen as relevant - according to number of followers.
Author: Dragan Varagić, 25/02/2009

Frameworks Analysis for Social Media

For the training and consulting business related to social media optimization (or company's use of social media), it is very useful to have a framework (some people call it - success map) which defines general steps for the incorporation of a social media activities in the company's business processes. After the development of the framework of...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 12/12/2008

BlogOpen, Bor, Serbia – October 04-05

About This Fall’s BlogOpen, Bor, Serbia When: October 4–5 2008. Where: Bor, Brestovačka banja This fall’s BlogOpen is a regional friendly and professional meeting of bloggers which has, since last fall, been on the calendar of regular annual meetings of all the participants in blogosphere: authors, readers, IT...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 22/09/2008
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