What is Content Marketing Management?

There are a lot of things going around on the very important concept of Content Marketing, including the establishment of the popular blogs covering this subject.

“Content marketing represents the different marketing formats  that involve the creation or sharing of content for the purpose of engaging current and potential consumer bases[]”

While reading the articles related to content marketing basics, it can be said that only a few of them are not “captured” with the sole writer’s professional perspective:

  • The people from software development/sales background (eCMS) mostly emphasize the production of a different content formats (content as the product of some programming -  including software as a service (SaaS), mashups, etc.).
  • The people form content writing/production background mostly emphasize the creation of compelling component of a content, which is very important (inbound) part of content marketing, but not the only important part.
  • The people from SEO, social media, ePR and e-marketing background emphasize that the base of content marketing is the relation between SEO, social media and compelling content creation activities.

It can be noticed that there is not much said about the managerial perspective of content marketing, or what are the issues related to the implementation of content marketing strategy in an organization:

  • From the broader perspective, content communication workflow (the desirable action from an user, as the result of a compelling component of a content) as the most important part of the content marketing strategy, can be implemented in the complete value chain of an organization (e.g. employers’ engagement on intranet portals, as the part of the enterprise 2.0 strategy).
  • From the feasibility perspective, there are the issues related to the resources allocation (budgets, in-house activities, outsourced tasks, project management), the benefits related to the custom media creation (will you create your blog, news-blog, online magazine, etc.?), as well as the social media engagement scope (it is not the same if there is the organization’s engagement in 5 or in 50 different social media).
    The aim is to create the optimal set of content marketing activities, with the maximum results.
  • From the implementation perspective, there is the issues related to the management of a content marketing activities (e.g. keywords research implemented without overlaping in the content creation; SEO & PPC activities; A/B split testing activities; tagging a uploaded content on youtube, flickr, slideshare… – These activities are done with a different specialists), the issues related to the maximization of the content life-cycle effects (e.g. it is not the same value of traffic volume and the time span for the same story in a press release or/and in a blog article).
    The aim is to cover a complete spectrum of the content marketing effects, with the focus on conversions.

Content Marketing Management is a set of activities and processes that support a creation and sharing the content, with the aim of maximizing the customer satisfaction and an organizational business results.

Content Marketing Management is not in the relation to content management, and it gives managerial perspective of content marketing activities. In the process level, Content Marketing Managment should incorporate business & marketing strategy, content strategy, content design, Web development (including SEO), Social Media Activities, as well as the Post-Click Marketing activities.
From the online conversion perspective, Content Marketing Management incorporates all content activities, including the projected content activities related to the acomplishment of an explicit online goals (visitors’ actions that lead to a conversion).

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