PR 2.0 as Anti-Fetish Overview

When you try to search for PR 2.0, there are enough interesting texts about it – I recommend to read PR 2.0 Essentials Guide, first. Nearly all of the articles I found about this subject, are related strictly to the techniques, and there is a few talks (writings) about the appropriate strategies which are related to new PR phenomenon.

It would be great to emphasize that all of online PR strategies and the activities matters, and the start can be the Reputation Management. There is very informative article about online reputation monitoring, by Andy Beal.

PR 2.0 and/Vs. Marketing 2.0

All of those acronyms are influenced by Web 2.0 (interesting article – PR 2.0 Vs. Web 2.0, by Brian Solis), and the differences between new PR and new marketing activities are blurring (as it is said on Online PR Roundtable Briefing by E-consultancy.com). For example, this trend can be seen in the article – New Rules of Marketing, by webmarketing20.com (although the Google PR of this article is 2).

The better example of PR and Marketing blurring borders can be seen in the terms such as Search Engine Image Protection (SEIP) or Search Engine Reputation Management.
PR 2.0 can be also seen in the important technology term Reputation System.

PR 2.0 and the problems 

The key phrases of “Something 2.0” are the “Architecture of Participation” and “User Generated Content“. The problem is that the initiation of users’ participation can be very difficult:

    • An emerging rule of thumb suggests that if you get a group of 100 people online then one will create content, 10 will “interactâ€? with it (commenting or offering improvements) and the other 89 will just view it. [The Guardian, July 2006]
    • 50% of all Wikipedia article edits are done by 0.7% of users, and more than 70% of all articles have been written by just 1.8% of all users. [Church of the Customer, 2006]
    • However. For YouTube, the ratio of uploads to downloads is only 0.065%. [The Guardian, July 2006]

So, if you plan to create social network – that is very advanced activity, and it is better to participate, first…

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  1. briansolis says:

    Interesting article, good research!

    PR and marketing are blurring. And in fact, PR is dividing across traditional and new media landscapes and very few are up to the task of both.

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