Seven Tips to Sustain Online Influence?

As time goes, there are more and more newcomers in the world of online influencers. Those people were completely anonymous one or two years ago, and they suddenly become famous and trustworthy. This article is not about how to achieve online influence (you can read very good article from Steve Rubel, or advices to get blogged from TechCrunch), but how to sustain it.

I talked several times with the people who are influencers for a long time, and we agreed that new online influencers (especially young people), are more or less successful in the life with a lot of popularity and influence.

It is the fact that a person who is in the position to have an influence on some people, that person must communicate with more responsibility, depending on an influence he (she) has.

From my experience, I would like to share some tips how to sustain influence in online world:

1. There is no relaxation in public! Any spoken or written word is taken “as is�, regardless the context.

The most important issue about the influence is that its rise has to be followed by the exponential progression of responsibility. That is the hardest part of influencing. The tip is that you can relax with your close friends and relatives.

Influence is followed by credibility. To achieve credibility, there has to be a lot of quality work, with small number of mistakes. The simple advice is – be always real and constructive.

2. If you come with the idea that you are the best in your area, be sure to find out the texts and the books (conferences) from real experts and gurus in that field – you have to put yourself “at the groundâ€?! You must undeceive yourself.

The biggest problem of “instant fame� is sudden lost of the perception for reality about self. The people easy become the smartest (even the prettiest) persons in the world. The lost of reality and constructive look of the world is very connected with sudden fall.

The interesting negative example of “sudden rise of experts� in the online PR field is undeceived with recent online PR briefing in England. One of the main problems in online PR field in this moment is an absence of real experts!

3. Do not create the idols from your authorities, if you become authority!

This is the opposite situation, comparing to previous tip – “I do not know how I achieve this sudden luck. I am not the smartest, the bravest person…â€? False modesty as the way of the internal fight with the new powerful situation is also very dangerous, because it leads to non-rational thinking and acting, and the sudden fall can be very near.

4. It not takes much for the crash of hardly achieved credibility!

The biggest enemy of credible work is everyday routine. You must pay attention on any detail in work, regardless of an ease for you to do it. “The problems are always in details�. Every work and word is important, there has to be the desire to be on the same level of authority for every public action you take.

5. It is not a problem if somebody hates you!

This is one of the most important lessons I learn at one leadership training. In general, people do not forgive the success of others. If you take to much attention to those “haters�, soon you will be in the same sort of people!

If you really want to persuade someone who is important to you, if that person is real and constructive, you will be successful in some time. But, if that person is not rational – you are in a big problem.

6. It is not a problem to make a mistake!

�Who works, he (she) makes mistakes�. The only problem is that it takes a lot of time to correct the mistake, regarding the credibility of the person.

7. Be friend with a similar people!

If you use the situation that you are the dominant in your community (friends, relatives, married ones), it leads to tyranny, not to authority. That is only ego feeding business, nothing else. It is very good to have the temptation to be with the persons who are in the same level of knowledge; even they are more advanced in the field of your expertise. In addition, all of those people should be good!

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