Referrer SPAM Rage

I am really pissed of because of enormous number of referrer SPAM I receive at this blog (that is the reason for the comment subscription). That’s the situation for a months, but until recently those were only standard Viagra/amphetamine combinations, very nicely visible in the stats referrer table (with # sign).

Several days ago I received referrer from some pingdom.com (I will not give them a link) with the form of the URL pingdom.com/monitor/www.draganvaragic.com. Of course, this is only a SPAM for their services.

I really hate this, and I hope that this post will be a part of the campaign for people NOT TO SIGN to do business with them.

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  1. Tedel says:

    hehehe… we all go through that. I’m receiving 80 spam e-mails a day + around 40 spam comments more.

    At least I know Heptagrama e-magazine is well known among spammers, hahaha…

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