Interesting Google PR Phenomena

For a long time I have Serbian version of the blog with Google PR 5. This blog is accessible through address draganvaragic.com/weblog. In addition, I did the sub-domain redirection to Serbian blog at blog.draganaragic.com (also PR 5). When I created blog in English, I put permanent URL to blog.draganvaragic.com. The PR of the sub-domain is the same, although the PR of the new blog is 0, of course.

I hope that the explained phenomena will influence better position of the new blog, before the permanent PR change from Google 🙂

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  1. Tedel says:

    There is another phenomenon I always wonder about… Why people care so much for Google’s Pagerank? I mean, you don’t need a high pagerank to rank first in search engine result pages, you don’t need pagerank to assess the value of a link on your site… etc. You don’t need Pagerank at all.

    Hopefully, I will understand it someday.

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