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Coca Cola Social Network & Loyalty Sales Promotion in Serbia

I was invited to be the professional guest at Coca Cola Serbia press conference, which was held in Belgrade, 04-29-2007. My role on the press briefing was to say my opinion about the importance of its social networking service, as well as the loyalty program, which combines sales promotion (buying Coca Cola products to have more points for a...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 02/05/2007

Seven Tips to Sustain Online Influence?

As time goes, there are more and more newcomers in the world of online influencers. Those people were completely anonymous one or two years ago, and they suddenly become famous and trustworthy. This article is not about how to achieve online influence (you can read very good article from Steve Rubel, or advices to get blogged from TechCrunch), but...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 25/04/2007

Private Label Rights (PLR) Re-invented

Private Label Rights (PLR) is the variation of Private Label brand concept, which is extended to written text. Private label products or services are typically those manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company's brand. The famous examples of Private Label are Wal-Mart brands, as the lower-cost alternatives to name...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 16/04/2007

E-business Conference “E-trgovina” is powered by IEEE

The 7-th Conference on electronic commerce and electronic business E-trgovina 2007, the largest regional event in this field, will be traditionally held in Palic (Serbia), in the period from April 18, to April 20, 2007. Several days ago, the local chapter of IEEE Serbia accepted to became the Technical Sponsor of "E-trgovina" Conference. All...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 26/02/2007

E-business models taxonomies – History, comparison and the future

There is the need for majority of researched e-business models to be mentioned at one place (although those are not all existing business models on the web), and commented if needed (I use it at e-business postgraduate studies IIM/EURO). At the end of this article I mentioned three "new" e-business models, based on the variation of several...
Author: Dragan Varagić, 24/09/2006
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