Widget Advertising – Trend to Do Something About

Widgets (or Gadgets) are rich media applications that are easy to build, customize and add to a Web site. There is the difference between desktop widgets (operates from single computer) and Web widget, which are accessible to all Web site visitors. Widgets are being turned into advertising delivery systems, during last year.
Recently, Google announced to put their Gadget Ads in beta testing, and the service will be operational until summer. Of course, Google is not the first player in this field, but it is the most important.

According to actual AOPUK research about emerging mega trends regarding online content, the focus is definitely on Participation, On-demand, Mobility and Personalization. Web widgets have 3 of 4 “mega properties” (all accept mobility). It is only the evidence that widget advertising should be considered very serious, these days.

Widgets as advertising/PR tool

When you see the examples of web widget advertising, it is clear that to involve Web site owners to install widgets on their Web sites, there is need for the interest, good idea, buzz, and other advertising/PR elements to be associated with Web widgets. It means that new trend is not just a advertising platform, and new advertising delivery system. Reach Media in this form need the buzz, and the buzz is primary directly related to PR way of thinking (benefit of receiver), not advertising (benefit of organization).

The reasons why is now the time for this complex reach media advertising medium, are in the combination of web technology development, online advertising and online PR development in last two years.

Is there the connection between Web Widgets and Microformats?

When you compare the definitions and use of Web widgets and Microformats (set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards), It is obvious that widgets can be technically done in microformats environment.

This can be very important (the fusion of two comparative and important actual trends) to combine actual technology trend related to simplification of common functionalities, with the trend related to simplified reach media Web applications related to advertising.

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