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There is a very interesting article about Online brands:Brands in the Digital Economy: From Centralism to Federalism.

In my opinion, the basic perception of an organization’s online presence starts with the dilemma – brand awareness/recognition Vs. direct response.

Brand Awareness – The expansion of a company’s brand in the marketplace.
Brand Recognition – Accumulated sum of positive feelings about brand in the mind of a consumer.
Direct Response – A promotional method that solicits an immediate and measurable response.

The planning of online presence is depended upon the basic
online strategy choice – the ratio between corporate component of the site (online brand development) and sellable component of the site (desired action, the most wanted response).

When the site is online, and there has to be the start of online campaign, there has to be the determination between campaign’s goal – brand or sales. The experience tells that brand and sales campaigns are not good to be mixed.

Interestingly, it can be seen that the most of the Web sites today is obviously built without any plan, or that plan was not built according to organizations’ need. The same is with the online campaigns (brand or direct response), and there is the
answer why many marketers are not satisfied with the online campaigns results, in general.

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  1. […] 4 Pillars E-marketing Model describes the use of the most efficient Internet marketing technologies and the tactics, according to particular client’s needs. The main goal of this model is to connect the direct response effects of particular e-marketing strategy, with the elements of online branding strategy. In other words, 4 Pillars e-marketing methodology should be used as the “bridge” between direct response strategies and online branding. Another name of this model is 4C E-marketing Strategy. […]

  2. Tedel says:

    mm… I would have liked to get an example of what is a correct website plan. Take it as a suggestions for a future post, OK? =)

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