Different approaches to the e-marketing strategy

As it can be seen as the search result on the different search engines (I teach on my classes that it is more wise to search through different SEs, not one search engine only), e-marketing strategy has really a lot of variations, in description by different authors.

At the subject e-marketing on the undergraduate studies I teach one of the approaches to the e-marketing (and e-business) strategy. At the same subject on the postgraduate (applied) studies I present the range of different approaches to e-marketing strategies (same is applied to other areas of e-marketing and e-business). After the lectures, students have to use different approaches, to explain their e-marketing strategy on the customized simulation model (site).

I start the explanation with the organizational online presence goals: Visibility, online credibility and creating connections (community, interactivity).

After that, there is the presentation of the business processes in e-marketing area, from small to large organizations (eg. who in the organization creates the request for the site update, with the new web site functionalities; who is responsible for the budget; is the task for in-house or outsourcing team, etc.).

When we discuss e-marketing mix, I start with the plain model (4P), and with the explanation of the specific issues regarding online environment:

1. Product (products, services, online products and services)
2. Place (is transformed to distribution – Read www.wilsonweb.com)
3. Promotion (business communication which includes personal and mass sales, sales promotion and hypermedia (cell, web site…)). Online promotional mix includes advertising, publicity and PR, personal and mass sales, sales promotion and hypermedia; all of them with their online properties.
4. Price (with all the benefits of online environment).

AIDA – Attention/Awareness (could you sell mobile phones in 80’s?), Interest, Desire, Action; as the basic online sales (desired action, most wanted response) model, like outside Internet.

Of course, there is a big need to discuss the big dilemma – brand awareness/recognition Vs. direct response, as one of the basic issues in the e-marketing strategy development.

Several years ago, my friend Ivan Surjanovic (www.ipowerstrategy.com) and myself developed 4 Pillars Internet Marketing Strategy, as the concept of applied e-marketing goals:

1. Content (“Content is the king”)
2. Clickstream (The analysis of the visitor behavior on the site)
3. Communication (How to communicate with visitor)
4. Conversion (If first three C is done well, forth C is the result)

… And the variation of the model (W.I.S.E):

1. Web Site Content
2. Interactivity
3. Search Engines Visibility
4. Effectiveness

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  2. Eugenia says:

    Helo Mr. Dragan.
    I am from venezuela and I am studying a MBA here in the Andres Bello University.
    I am making a special final investigation working paper about the e-marketing strategies.
    I`ll like to know if maybe you can help me to look for some good papers or books were I can find information about e-marketing.
    Best reagrds and hope you can contact me.
    Eugenia Santander

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  3. gail stulls says:

    My project for my Marketing class is to research a business marketing approach on the Internet,but there are so many I really don’t know where to start. I’ve thought about visibility because that is what I feel is the most important. Any help will be welcome.

    Thank You,
    Gail Stulls
    [email protected]

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  4. Hey there! Interesting blog! I’m working with my friend in a small internet marketing business as a junior SEO analyst.

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  5. Thanks to gave great information about e-marketing strategy..
    Nowadays e-business is more.
    Internet marketers have to know about marketing strategies to improve their business!!!!!

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