Šta vama znači četvrta industrijska revolucija? Jednostavna upotreba napredne digitalne automatizacije

U poslednjih godinu dana sve se više intenzivira priča u medijima na temu četvrte industrijske revolucije. U januaru ove godine četvrta industrijska revolucija je bila glavna tema na Svetskom ekonomskom forumu u Davosu (WEF). Preporuka za kvalitetnije razumevanje ovog teksta jeste da se prethodno prouče sledeći članci: Opširnije »

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Dragan Varagic
Dragan Varagic

BeeShaper.com Case Sudy: Client’s and Shaper’s perspective

It’s been a while since I decided to write a case study of the BeeShaper.com WoM network, since I have been using it from the start, eight months now. The motive to write it right now is recent announcement that BeeShaper reached 10.000 registered users and confirmed it was the largest regional network of its kind.

What is the WoM network?

WoM is short for Word of Mouth. It is a promotion technique that ensures mass message sharing by people who honestly recommend to others something they find genuinely interesting. One of the main goals of social media use is achieving WoM effect – that users, on their own initiative – share the content they find useful and compelling. In... Read more »

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