MySpace.com Success – Secret or Not?

When I prepared the article about MySpace.com success for PC Magazine – Serbia, I found the articles on several online places, where is said that the success of MySpace.com IS the secret. It is said because a lot of similar sites exists, maybe even more functional than MySpace.com. When those people come to that site(s) they do not see anything special there…

For the understanding the MySpace.com phenomena I recommend to read VanityFair article “Will Success Spoil MySpace.com?” (very detailed).

For the understanding of Generation @ the recommendation is
Business Week Article “The MySpace Generation“:
“The MySpace generation, by contrast, lives comfortably in both worlds (online and offline) at once.”

There has to be very good reason why MySpace.com beat Yahoo and Google on number of visit, and the site is not more than three years old!

As the typical advertising online business model this site is very well positioned for the young adults (14 – 25), and all starting promotional efforts was focused on that target
group. Why? Because they are the least easy to catch, and the most interesting for advertisers.

How to catch that amount of visitors in such a short time? Of course, with the buzz, helped with word of mouth effect (WOM). And, of course, the first buzz has to be adult related:

1. MySpace.com is the place where adult situation is really possible

(Read the Vanity Fair article, if you didn’t).

After a lot of “success stories” and WOM activities, it came the second buzz:

2. MySpace.com is new Hollywood – You will be famousthere.

That is the reason why music bands, celebrities, businesses, and even politicians opens there own sites and blogs.

This two buzzes creates the cult of MySpace.com in the target generation, and at these days young adults must go there – because everyone goes!

It always been that success is not in technology, nor design (technology and design can be only supporters), the success is in idea and the actual strategy which is done to achieve that idea.

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